Effects of water (W) addition on the relative abundances of SOM degradation genes

  • a Category, KEGG accession no., enzyme nomenclature designation, and enzyme or gene and enzyme and function annotation are shown. Abbreviations: PTS, phosphotransferase; EIIC, enzyme IIC; CoA, coenzyme A.

  • b The values shown are means (standard errors) (×10−5).

  • c The P value for W addition from split-plot ANOVA was shown. (A total of 200 SOM degradation genes were observed in this study; only genes with P < 0.10 were shown; for clarity, the P values for block, N addition, the interactive effect of block and N addition, and the interactive effect of N and W addition were not shown.)

  • d The abundance was increased (↑) and decreased (↓) by W addition.