Summary of quantification of surface tracks, including both surface and bulk measurementsa

WTmotAB mutantmotCD mutantWTmotAB mutantmotCD mutant
Classification of cells
    No. of tracks1501381427115497
    Motile (%)27±677±977±2097±797±3100±0
        Runs (% of motile cells)51±610±225±2864±3145±1046±34
        Near-surface runs (% of motile cells)18±954±443±16
        Rambling (surface)/oscillating (bulk) (% of motile cells)31±1236±532±2136±3155±1054±34
    Attached (%)72±923±921±22
        Polar attached (% of attached cells)30±1473±2655±31
        Long-axis attached (% of attached cells)70±1427±2645±31
    Floating (%)2±30±12±33±73±30±0
Direction change analysis
    Frequency of reversal events for cell runs (Hz)0.9±0.40.2±0.00.6±0.30.5±0.10.1±0.00.1±0.1
    Oscillating frequency3.1±1.01.5±1.02.6±0.6
    Rambling frequency (Hz)3.2±2.12.9±1.56.1±0.7
Arrival and departure from the surface
    Attachment rate (% of nonattached cells/s)0.2±0.40.3±0.40.8±0.7
    Detachment rate (% of attached cells/s)0.2±0.32.2±2.52.5±1.6
Motility characterization
Surface runRun
    Speed (μm/s)55±718±522±2159±429±945±18
    Speed variance23±610±616±1218±49±132±36
    KMSD (μm2/s)1.9±0.21.9±0.31.8±0.21.9±0.31.8±0.41.9±0.2
    Speed (μm/s)18±813±412±412±519±510±2
    Speed variance11±58±411±311±89±25±1.3
    KMSD (μm2/s)1.7±0.31.7±0.41.5±0.41.2±11.6±0.41.3±0.3
  • a Speeds presented are the average speeds measured over frame intervals of 24 ms. Speed variance is the average standard deviation for the instantaneous speeds measured for an entire trajectory. The ranges quoted are 1 standard deviation of such measurements for each cell. WT, wild type.