Estimates of fit coefficients for the Gompertz equation (equation 12) for the sum of high-quality and medium-quality MAGs as a function of sequencing depth in published data sets from ocean surface water, estuarine sediment, maize soil, and the human guta

EnvironmentA (SE)μ (SE)λ (SE)Yield
Ocean surface water14.4 (1.0)1.1 (0.4)1.2 (2.1)1.00
Estuary sediment9.6 (0.9)1.0 (0.2)3.7 (0.7)0.91
Maize soil19.0 (1.1)0.9 (0.1)6.1 (1.5)0.96
Human gut14.6 (2.2)3.8 (0.7)0.6 (0.3)0.88
  • a P values for all coefficients were <<0.05 except for gut and ocean surface water λ values. Yield is defined in equation 13 as the number of medium- and high-quality MAGs relative to the number predicted at infinite sequencing depth.