Strains and plasmids used in this studya

Strain or plasmidRelevant genotypeSource and/or reference
L. reuteri strains
    ATCC PTA 6475Wild type; human breast milk isolateBiogaia (94)
    6475rsiR-StoprsiR (LAR_RS05165)G6C, G7C, T10A, A11T, C12G, A13T35
    MJG0562ppk1 (LAR_RS01770)G94T, A95C, G96C, G97T, C98A
    MJG0569ppk2 (LAR_RS00075)A52C, C53T, G54T, G55T, C56A
    MJG0570rclA (LAR_RS00915)C178A, A179G, T180C, G181T, G182A
    MJG0977msrB (LAR_RS00975)G58T, T59C, T60C, A61T, C62A
    MJG0979hslO (LAR_RS01385)G106A, A107T, T108G, A109T, C110A
    MJG1017lo18 (LAR_RS07000)T43A, T44C, G45T, A46T, T47A
    MJG1056LAR_RS09945C103A, C104T, A105G, G106T, A107G
    MJG1278sigH (LAR_RS04695)G101A, G102A, C103T, C104A, G105A
    MJG1573perR (LAR_RS06970)G10T, C11T, A12C, G13T, A14G
Plasmid pJP042recT+ erm+94
  • a Unless otherwise indicated, all strains were generated in the course of this work.