Unique genes of the corynomycolic acid BGC from Corynebacterium diphtheria NCTC 13129 and the putative corynomycolenic acid BGC from Corynebacterium kutscheri DSM 20755a

Source of BGCGene positionStrandGenebCOGFunction
C. diphtheria NCTC 13129613138+Coagulation factor 5/8-type domain-containing protein
41765276+Hypothetical protein Cauri
52676679+Integral membrane protein
1157612208+Hypothetical protein
1510315002Hypothetical protein
1616016059Hypothetical protein
1614716251+Hypothetical protein
1629616153Hypothetical protein
1782716859Cell wall surface anchor family protein
2673727669+Hypothetical protein
3480634312COG0671Membrane-associated phospholipid phosphatase
3739136876ybjG [C]COG0671PAP2 superfamily protein
3900937432gbsA [H]COG1012Betaine aldehyde dehydrogenase
4130139076betT [H]COG1292High-affinity choline transport protein
4143843366+betA [H]COG2303Choline dehydrogenase
C. kutscheri DSM 2075541601+Hypothetical CgR protein
19233059+Hypothetical protein A
30844592+Hypothetical protein A
1108110443Hypothetical protein
1477715109+Hypothetical protein Cauri
1517017683+pepN [H]COG0308Aminopeptidase N
1833717705pcp [H]COG2039Pyrrolidone-carboxylate peptidase
3415535132+Hypothetical Protein
3951038839ideR [H]COG1321Iron-dependent repressor
4029439497znuB [C]COG110829-kDa membrane protein in fimA 5′ region
4111240291yfeC [H]COG1108Chelated iron transport system membrane protein
4175241099mntB [H]COG1121Manganese transport system ATP-binding protein
4274141713mntA [H]COG0803Manganese-binding lipoprotein
  • a The genes were annotated by using BASys (45).

  • b Results given by similarity search in BASys are indicated as follows: [H], homology to a SwissProt entry; [C], homology to a CCDB entry.