Summary of EDAMAME dates and numbers of instructional staff, applicants, and learners from 2014 to 2018

YrDatesNo. of daysNo. of TAsNo. of instructorsNo. of applicantsNo. of workshop learnersa
201422 June to 29 June8135023
201521 June to 1 July116b19332c
201610 July to 20 July11636225
20176 August to 12 August7736326
201824 June to 30 June710210326
  • a The data representing workshop learners are from pre- and postsurvey responses. Additional local learners participated ad hoc and may not have completed surveys.

  • b There were two guest TAs in 2015 who participated in only one tutorial each, with the remaining 4 TAs available throughout the workshop.

  • c Participants in 2016 included 3 remote learners who participated in selected tutorials.