Likelihood ratio test statisticsa

Diversity variableProtocolPopulationInteraction
χ2df = 2P valueχ2df = 1P valueχ2df = 2P value
Class richness8.4690.0150.3060.5800.8780.645
Class evenness0.0510.9750.0430.8354.3240.115
Species richness5.3540.0690.2300.6315.6580.059
Species evenness4.0950.1292.2430.13411.1750.004
Phylogenetic diversity8.6420.0130.0660.7987.1950.027
  • a Likelihood ratio test (LRT) statistics with degrees of freedom (df) and P values for tests of effects of DNA isolation protocol, stickleback population, and interaction between the two. LRTs were conducted by comparing linear mixed models either including or excluding these fixed effects, plus random effects of fish and fish nested within family (see Materials and Methods). Tests with P values of <0.05 are shown in boldface type.