Engineered strains, engineered genotypes, and a subset of identified SNPs previously implicated as causal mutations

SpeciesStrainAuxotroph genotypeOther genotypeOverproduction mutation(s)
E. coliNGFΔargA ΔtrpC ΔhisAΔthiEmetA (I296S)a
S. TyphimuriumLT2ΔargA ΔtrpC ΔmetAΔthiE ΔSPI1 ΔSPI2hisG (E271K)b
B. thetaiotaomicronVPI 5482ΔmetA ΔhisG ΔargFΔthiSEG ΔtdkBT_0532 (A306V; N63D)c
B. fragilis368RΔmetA ΔhisG ΔtrpCΔthiSEG ΔtdkBF638R_0532 (L26R)d
  • a Prevents feedback inhibition (45).

  • b Decouples from histidine feedback inhibition (46).

  • c TrpE, removes feedback inhibition (47).

  • d Arginine repressor, nonfunctional (48).