Indicator analysis of OGs and functional properties of “Ca. UCenporiarchaeum stylissum,” “Ca. UNitrosopumilus hexadellus,” and “Ca. UNitrosopumilus detritiferus”a

CharacteristicParameter value for proposed speciesb
Ca. UC.
Ca. UN.
Ca. UN.
General characteristics
    Total no. of predicted protein sequences present in both SA
and FL genomes
    No. of OGs present in genomes4,7484,6314,601
Indicator analysis
    No. of indicator OGs328163140
    No. of indicator OGs for SA genomes248129104
    No. of indicator OGs assigned to arCOG functions for SA genomes1005151
    No. of indicator OGs for FL genomes803436
    No. of indicator OGs assigned to arCOG functions for FL genomes793436
  • a Abbreviations: SA, sponge-associated; FL, free-living. P < 0.005 for two sponge-associated Thaumarchaeota and 15 free-living Thaumarchaeota.

  • b The three proposed taxa are “Candidatus UNitrosopumilus hexadellus,” “Candidatus UNitrosopumilus detritiferus,” and “Candidatus UCenporiarchaeum stylissum.”