Dysregulated proteins involved in the stress response

GI no., descriptionaProtein abundance ratiobCOG categoryc
500859623, sporulation protein0.1600.3230.7750.248CCC
500858367, dihydropteridine reductase−0.5500.2130.999−0.097CCC
754201850, universal stress protein1.3280.6620.6640.437STM
500858196, organic hydroperoxide resistance protein−0.146−0.087−1.051−0.329DM
500857905, catalase−0.393−0.535−1.297−0.844IIT
495622186, multispecies, cold shock protein0.562−0.2080.8720.071Transcription
500859389, MarR family transcriptional regulator*1.1210.1220.310−0.082Transcription
500857308, multispecies, MarR family transcriptional regulator0.0980.2490.884−0.004Transcription
489304493, multispecies, ECF RNA polymerase sigma factor SigM*0.0550.3480.5180.535Transcription
  • a *, P ≤ 0.05 (one-way ANOVA).

  • b Values represent protein abundance ratios (log2) normalized to the ground control.

  • c CCC, cell cycle control, cell division, chromosome partitioning, transport, and catabolism; UN, function unknown; STM, signal transduction mechanisms; DM, defense mechanism; IIT, inorganic ion transport and metabolism.