Differentially expressed genes related to malonate utilizationa

LocusGeneProductFold changea
PA14_02550mdcAMalonate decarboxylase subunit alpha5.9b12.1b3.1c
PA14_02560PA14_02560Triphosphoribosyl-dephospho-CoA synthase4.220.73.1
PA14_02570mdcCMalonate decarboxylase subunit delta6.011.63.3
PA14_02580mdcDMalonate decarboxylase subunit beta3.013.23.23
  • a PA14 was grown in blood from TPs, SBPs, or thermally injured mice (TIM) and compared with PA14 grown in blood from HVs or healthy mice.

  • b Values obtained by RNA-seq, q <0.01.

  • c Values obtained by RT-qPCR, P <0.01 (n = 3).