Genome contents and model components

ContentData for strain and model
AYE; AbyMBEL891ATCC 19606
Genome size (Mb)4.043.97a3.95
Assembly statusCompleteContigsContigs
GenBank accession number(s)CU459137CU459141ACQB00000000JMRY00000000
GC content (%)39.3439.1039.12
No. of genes3,9003,8033,804
No. of CDS3,703 (77b)3,637 (102b)3,669 (0b)
No. of contigs-c10018
No. of reactions8911,6281,270
No. of metabolites7781,5091,180
No. of involved genes650844897
  • a Different sizes of ATCC 19606 draft assemblies.

  • b Number of pseudogenes.

  • c -, complete genome with 1 chromosome and 4 plasmids.