Mean values across all samples of alpha-diversity indices in the 16S rDNA and 16S rRNA read sets for the OTU and ZOTU taxonomic formation methodsa

Alpha-diversity indexRead setMean (SD) value for diversity index by the following taxonomic formation method:Pb
RichnessrDNA240 (68)240 (56)0.67
rRNA240 (72)220 (47)0.20
Faith’s PDrDNA7.9 (1.6)5.0 (0.82)0.00*
rRNA8.2 (2.1)5.3 (1.2)0.00*
Shannon indexrDNA3.4 (0.7)4.2 (0.6)0.00*
rRNA3.7 (0.8)4.4 (0.64)0.02*
  • a Alpha-diversity was calculated after all samples were normalized to a read depth of 31,560 or 17,707 for OTUs and ZOTUs, respectively, by randomly subsampling 10 times, and values were averaged.

  • b P values are for Mann-Whitney tests for a significant difference between methods for the given index and read set. P values of <0.05 are indicated by an asterisk.