Fixed parameters for all simulationsa

L.B. EX_O2 (mmol/gDW/h)−11.5
U.B. EX_Ac (mmol/gDW/h)3
δ (h–1)0.03
VMGlc (mmol/gDW/h)10
KMGlc (mM)0.01
VMAc (mmol/gDW/h)10
KMAc (mM)0.01
  • a The lower bound (L.B.) for oxygen exchange (EX_O2) as well as the upper bound (U.B.) for acetate exchange (EX_Ac) were calibrated on the basis of data from Varma and Palsson (18). The death rate (δ) was computed assuming a cell death of 1% per generation (45) and a generation time of 20 min. The Michaelis-Menten parameters for substrate uptake are taken from a report by Gosset (46). Those parameters were also used in previously published dFBA implementations (47). gDW, grams dry weight.