Antibiotic resistance gene products enriched by strain origin (P < 0.01 and FDR q <0.1) for S. aureus for origins with n ≥ 3a

S. aureus ARG productAntibiotic class% of strains from origin (n):FDR q
BE-ISS (21)BE-Earth (3)Human (24)Human-MRSA (55)
Beta-lactam-inducible penicillin-binding proteinPenicillin<0.001
Methicillin resistance MecR1 proteinPenicillin0.00.08.390.9<0.001
Aminoglycoside 3′-phosphotransferaseAminoglycoside0.<0.001
Metallothiol transferase FosBFosfomycin38.166.762.5100.0<0.001
Streptogramin A acetyltransferaseStreptogramin23.<0.001
Methicillin resistance regulatory protein MecIPenicillin0.<0.001
Bleomycin resistance proteinAntitumor0.
Cadmium resistance transcription regulatory proteinHeavy metal*95.266.754.292.70.007
Kanamycin nucleotidyltransferaseAminoglycoside0.00.08.330.90.017
Macrolide export ATP-binding/permease protein MacBMacrolide4.
  • a Percentage of strains from the respective origins encoding each function are listed. Gene products that were more frequently present in ISS strains than soil- and/or putatively commensal human-derived strains are displayed in bold. *, not an antibiotic class, though can be associated with antibiotic resistance.