Patient population and analyzed samplesa

SexDisease categoryCollected samples
P0168FGERDE, Ca, Co, An, D, As
P0221FIBD (Crohn’s disease)E, Ca, Co, An, As
P0361MNormalCa, Co, An, As
P0438FNormalE, Ca, Co, An, D, As
P0523FNormalE, An, D, As
P0620FNormalE, Co, D, As
P0729FNormalE, An, D, As
P0868MAtrophic autoimmune gastritisCa, Co, An, As
P0947FNormalE, Ca, An, D
P1054FNormalE, Co, An, D, As
P1124FNormalE, Ca, An, D, As
P1271FNormalE, Ca, Co, An, D, As
P1361MHelicobacter pylori gastritisE, Ca, Co, As
P1456FHelicobacter pylori gastritisE, An, As
P1739FAtrophic autoimmune gastritisAs
  • a Abbreviations: F, female; M, male; GERD, gastroesophageal reflux disease; IBD, inflammatory bowel disease; E, esophagus; Ca, cardia; Co, corpus; An, antrum; D, duodenum; As, aspirate. E, Ca, Co, An, and D were collected as biopsy samples. Disease categories are based on histological diagnosis of the stomach. See Table S1 for additional information.