16S rRNA v4 region sequencing data sets included in the meta-analysis

No. of samplesStudy systemDepth(s) sampledaBioProject accession no.
Freshwater samples (45 total)
    11Four Laurentian Great LakesSurface, DCL, deepThis study
    2Glacier Lake, NY6 m, 14 mPRJEB12903
    1JBL_J07_HES, SwedenIntegratedPRJNA244610 (79)
    1Lake Keluke, ChinaSurfacePRJNA294836 (80)
    1Faselfad lakes, AustriaIntegratedPRJNA297573 (81)
    14Seven high-nutrient lakes, MISurface, deepPRJNA304344 (82)
    9Five low-nutrient lakes, MISurface, deepPRJNA304344 (82)
    6Three humic lakes, WIIntegrated epi, integrated hypoPRJEB15148 (83)
Marine samples (32 total)
    1Caribbean SeaSurfacePRJEB10633 (28)
    2Coastal Red Sea (2 sites)SurfacePRJNA279146 (54)
    1Drake PassageSurfacePRJEB10633 (28)
    12Gulf of Mexico (3 sites)Surface, multiple depthsPRJNA327040 (84)
    1Helgoland North SeaSurfacePRJNA266669 (85)
    1Long Island SoundSurfacePRJEB10633 (28)
    2North PacificSurface, 100 mPRJEB10633 (28)
    8San Pedro Ocean Time Series (2 dates: April,
July 2013)
Surface, multiple depthsPRJEB10633 (28)
    2Sargasso Sea (2 sites)Surface, 200 mPRJEB10633 (28)
    1Tropical Western Atlantic Ocean40 mPRJEB10633 (28)
    1Weddell SeaSurfacePRJEB10633 (28)
  • a Abbreviations: DCL, deep chlorophyll layer; epi, epilimnion; hypo, hypolimnion.