Baseline characteristics of the study population according to randomization group

CharacteristicResult for:P value
Probiotic-placebo groupPlacebo-probiotic group
Sex, no. male/female7/87/81.000
Age, yr (range)32 (26–45)28 (25–33)0.176
BMI, kg/m²23.6 ± 2.122.1 ± 1.90.064
Smoking status, no. yes/no/ex-smoker1/13/11/10/40.314
Medication intake, no. yes/noa7/86/90.712
Smoking pack years0 (0–0)0 (0–0.5)0.288
  • a Intake of medication known to affect microbiota composition or gastrointestinal transit time (including antibiotics, prebiotics, and other probiotics) the preceding month or during the study was part of the exclusion criteria.