Underrepresented Tn mutants chosen for further analysisa

PositionLocus tagGeneGene productLog2 fold change (adjusted P value)
Cholic acid
Cholic acid
(t1)/untreated (t1)
Cholic acid
Cholic acid
(t2)/untreated (t2)
26611OG1RF_10022NAHypothetical protein−0.49 (NS)−0.62 (3.48E−5)−1.32 (NS)−1.25 (1.01E−30)
46306OG1RF_10040NAPIN-domain protein−0.88 (5.49E−35)−1.02 (9.86E−17)−1.89 (NS)−2.01 (3.91E−104)
1120304OG1RF_11078dnaKChaperone DnaK−1.83 (4.07E−17)−1.44 (NS)−2.4 (NS)−2.21 (8.07E−19)
2738340OG1RF_12576ccfA/spoIIIJStage III sporulation
protein J
−1.08 (3.52E−29)−1.23 (7.56E−4)−1.82 (NS)−1.87 (1.32E−76)
  • a The log2 fold changes are in relative abundance between the two indicated conditions. For adjusted P values, adjusted P < 0.05 is significant; NS indicates not significant. The position column indicates the first nucleotide position of the Tn insertion site. NA, not assigned.