Multivariable model for clinical infection with K. pneumoniaea

Patient variable or bacterial geneClinical modelFinal model
Patient variables
    Fluid and electrolyte disorders5.11.29–20.170.0222.91.6–3290.021
    Minimum serum glucose level (mg/dl)1.041.01–1.080.0091.081.01–1.160.026
    Body mass index (baseline) (kg/m2)0.860.77–0.970.0110.690.5–0.950.022
    White race0.130.03–0.590.0080.03<0.01–0.750.032
    Peripheral vascular disease0.030.001–0.670.0270.001<0.01–3,2900.376
    Central venous catheter0.290.08–1.130.075
Bacterial genes
    Tellurium resistance protein TerF (KP1_RS26720)11.3b1.6–800.015157c3.34–7,3500.01
    DeoR family protein/alkaline phosphatase (KP1_RS12850)10.5b1.62–67.90.014
    Deoxyribose-phosphate aldolase (KP1_RS12840)5.79b1.19–28.20.03
    Hypothetical protein (KPNJ1_01715)5.08b1.27–20.20.02116.9c1.59–1790.019
    Putative deoxygluconate dehydrogenase (KPN_01782)4.5b1.34–150.01517.8c2.2–1430.007
  • a OR, odds ratio; CI, 95% confidence interval; P, P value.

  • b Bacterial gene odds ratios and P values after adjusting for above covariates.

  • c Odds ratio in combined model with five clinical covariates above and three bacterial genes.