Periodic transcriptional dynamics during a consistent diel light:dark cycle and extended darkness

Organism (growth condition)No. of transcripts (%) with 24-h periodicitya under:
13:11 light:dark cycleExtended darkness
Prochlorococcus (grown alone)1,515 (69)127 (6)
Prochlorococcus (grown with Alteromonas)1,877 (85)555 (25)
Alteromonas (grown with Prochlorococcus)530 (13)2 (0.05)
  • a Values are the number of ORFs whose relative transcript abundance oscillated with significant 24-h periodicity across the first 48 h of the experiment and their percentage of the 2,198 total annotated Prochlorococcus genes or 4,213 total annotated Alteromonas genes.