Summary of viromic and qRT-PCR detection of specific RNA viruses across sewage, estuarine water, and sediment samples

vol or mass
LocationNo. of contigs
Target RNA viruses
detected in contigsb
qRT-PCR results
LI_13-91 literLlanrwst WWTPd5,721RVA, RVC, PBV, SaVNoVGII (1,457)
LE_13-91 literLlanrwst WWTP2,201RVA, RVC, PBVNoVGII (1,251)
LI_11-101 literLlanrwst WWTP859PBVNoVGII (detected)
LE_11-101 literLlanrwst WWTP5,433NoVGI, RVA, RVC, PBV, AsVNoVGII (50,180)
SW50 litersMorfa beach243
Sed160 gMorfa beach550e
Sed260 gMorfa beach550e
  • a LI, sewage influent; LE, sewage effluent; SW, estuarine surface water; Sed, estuarine sediment.

  • b RVA, rotavirus A; RVB, rotavirus B; PBV, picobirnavirus; SaV, sapovirus; NoVGI, norovirus genogroup I; AsV, astrovirus.

  • c Samples were tested with qRT-PCR for the following targets: NoVGI, NoVGII, SaV, HAV, and HEV. Results are reported in genome copies per liter (gc/liter). NoVGII below the limit of quantification (approximately 200 gc/liter) was detected in sample LI_11-10. NoVGII was the only target virus detected by qRT-PCR.

  • d WWTP, wastewater treatment plant.

  • e Samples Sed1 and Sed2 were assembled together into the contig data set Sed.