Transcription of genes that showed decreased distribution of RpoZ-defective RNAP inside prophages (qRT-PCR assay)b

1yagM10.29 ± 0.50.0972Phage protein with unknown functionCP4-6
2yffL4.48 ± 0.50.2233Phage protein with unknown functionCPZ-55
3yagN2.44 ± 0.60.4093Phage protein with unknown functionCP4-6
4ymfJ1.62 ± 0.60.6184Phage protein with unknown functione14
5yagL1.54 ± 0.60.6405Predicted transcription factorCP4-6
6intF1.47 ± 0.50.6816Putative phage integraseCP4-6
7nmpC0.99 ± 0.91.0141Putative OM proteinDPL
8afuB0.86 ± 0.61.1638Predicted ferric transporterCP4-6
ayjhH0.95 ± 0.71.0494Putative lyaseKpLE2
bykfC0.87 ± 0.51.1436Phage protein with unknown functionCP4-6
  • a Ratio indicates the relative level of mRNA (rpoZ mutant/wild type). When the target gene is located inside a prophage, the name of the prophage is given.

  • b The level of mRNA was determined for E. coli K-12 mutants lacking the rpoZ gene by using the qRT-PCR method. The genes were selected from the list showing the decreased distribution of RpoZ-defective RNAP (Table 3 and Fig. 3). As references, two genes (a and b) were selected from the list of genes with increased distribution of RpoZ-defective RNAP (Table 2 and Fig. 2).