Correlations of microbial community members to environmental conditions and greenhouse gas fluxesa

Microbial community
and parameter
tP valueMean relative abundanceCorrelateAdjusted
R2 value
CoefficientP value
High versus low NHigh NLow N
    G6 Acidobacteria−4.22<0.0010.0070.020N2O0.19−3.18E−50.058
CO2 (fixation)0.297.07E−50.011
Rhizosphere vs
bulk soil
Tm vs TfTmTf
    Rhizobiales6.66<0.0010.0990.184CO2 (respiration)0.27−6.40E−40.001
  • a The mean relative abundances of the top bacterial families distinguishing high versus low N, rhizosphere versus bulk soil or Tm versus Tf sampling time points are indicated, as are the t test results and statistics. Additionally, the top environmental or functional traits correlated with these groups are reported along with linear model statistics.