Primary interaction (HHEV) partners that interact with multiple viral proteins

Host proteinHEV proteinsBiological process(es)
eIF3ARdRp, ORF4Formation of cytoplasmic translation initiation complex
eIF4A2RdRp, VRegulation of translation initiation
eEF1A1RdRp, PCPTranslation elongation factor activity
ACTG1RdRp, MetStructural constituent of cytoskeleton
BTBD6RdRp, VProteasome-mediated ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolic process
HPRdRp, ORF3, ORF4Acute-phase response
FGAORF3, ORF4Acute-phase response, blood coagulation
FGBORF3, ORF4Blood coagulation
TFRdRp, ORF3, HelPositive regulation of receptor-mediated endocytosis, cellular iron ion homeostasis
VTNRdRp, ORF3Positive regulation of receptor-mediated endocytosis, regulation of complement activation
APOHORF3, ORF4Blood coagulation
C3RdRp, VComplement activation
AZGP1ORF4, XImmune response
ALBRdRp, VBlood coagulation, negative regulation of apoptotic process
APCSORF3, MetAcute-phase response
MT-CO1RdRp, VOxidation-reduction process
MT-CO2ORF3, ORF4Oxidation-reduction process
ALDOBRdRp, ORF3, ORF4, X, MetGlucose metabolic process
ACY1ORF3, Met, HelCellular amino acid metabolic process
RBP4X, MetRetinol metabolic process, glucose homeostasis
HEMK1Met, HelDNA methylation, protein methylation
DBF4BORF3, MetPositive regulation of cell proliferation
C1orf61ORF3, XUnknown