Tally of the biological pathways that were significantly affected by germ statusa

Gene setGene set descriptionNo. of upregulated
pathways (GF/C > 1)
No. of downregulated
pathways (GF/C < 1)
No. of pathways
showing intraset
TT (this study)166317
PP (this study)30382
MT (previous reports)8959236
Concordant[T,P,M]Concordant in T, P, and M2880
Concordant[T,P]Concordant in T and P39321
Concordant[T,M]Concordant in T and M219019
Discordant[T≠P]In T and/or P; discordant between them490
Discordant[T\P]In T; discordant compared to P400
Discordant[P\T]In P; discordant compared to T21160
Invariant[P]In P; unaffected by sex and strain2140
  • a T, transcriptome; P, proteome; M, meta-analysis.