Recurrent targets of evolution related to the bacterial cell envelope and implicated in GBS virulence

GBSCOH1_RS00315Zoocin AUnknownCMC, MBC, PS
GBSCOH1_RS01850Serine/threonine protein kinase Stk1Virulence regulationCMC, DA, MBC
GBSCOH1_RS02505Alpha-like surface protein RibCell adhesionCMC, CMU, DA, MBU
GBSCOH1_RS03235PI-1 transcriptional regulatorImmune evasionCMC
GBSCOH1_RS03240PI-1 backbone proteinImmune evasionCMC, CMU
GBSCOH1_RS03250PI-1 class C sortaseImmune evasionCMC, MBC
GBSCOH1_RS03255PI-1 class C sortaseImmune evasionMBC
GBSCOH1_RS03260PI-1 ancillary protein 1Immune evasionPS
GBSCOH1_RS05180Fibronectin-binding protein FbsACell adhesionCMC, CMU, MBC, MBU
GBSCOH1_RS05705NeuD proteinImmune evasionCMC
GBSCOH1_RS05710NeuC proteinImmune evasionCMC
GBSCOH1_RS05720Capsular polysaccharide transporter CpsLImmune evasionCMC
GBSCOH1_RS05745β-1,4-Galactosyltransferase CpsGImmune evasionCMC, MBC
GBSCOH1_RS05755Galactosyltransferase CpsEImmune evasionCMC, MBC
GBSCOH1_RS05760Tyrosine protein kinase CpsDImmune evasion/regulationCMC, MBC
GBSCOH1_RS06095Peptidase C5Immune evasionCMC, MBC
GBSCOH1_RS06600Cell wall anchor Srr2Cell adhesionCMC, CMU, MBC, MBU
GBSCOH1_RS07705Sensor histidine kinase CovSVirulence regulationCMC, DA, MBC
GBSCOH1_RS07710DNA-binding response regulator CovRVirulence regulationCMC, MBU
GBSCOH1_RS08490Extramembranal protein DltDResistance to AMPsbCMC, MBC
GBSCOH1_RS08985Streptococcal histidine triad proteinCell adhesion/immune evasionPS
GBSCOH1_RS09645Hypervirulent GBS adhesin HvgACell adhesionCMC, CMU, MBU
  • a Evidence suggesting that the gene is a significant target of evolution, based on our evolutionary analyses. CMC, convergent nonsynonymous mutation within the coding sequence; CMU, convergent mutation upstream; DA, disease association; MBC, mutational bias within the coding sequence; MBU, mutational bias upstream; PS, positive selection.

  • b AMPs, antimicrobial peptides.