Biochemical test results showing differential characteristic features of strains in the B. cereus groupa

Cellobiose+++ (w)c+ (w)+
Mannose + ++++
Arginine dihydrolase+++++++
Citrate utilization+++
  • a Strains: 1, this study (11 strains); 2, B. anthracis Ames; 3, B. cereus CECT 148T; 4, B. thuringiensis CECT 197T; 5, B. mycoides CECT 4128T; 6, B. weihenstephanensis LMG 18989T; 7, B. pseudomycoides CECT 7065T; 8, B. toyonensis BCT-7112T; 9, B. cytotoxicus NVH 391-98T.

  • b Strain 1 is from the present study, and the results for other strains are from reference 11. All strains did not produce acid from arabinose, mannitol, inositol, raffinose, rhamnose, sorbitol, xylose, adonitol, or galactose; did not utilize methyl-d-mannoside, inulin, or melezitose as a sole carbon source; did not produce indole or β-galactosidase; did not reduce nitrate to nitrite; and were positive for the Voges-Proskauer reaction.

  • c w, weak reaction.