Meta-interactome data can improve functional predictions—an examplea

SP_1876 interacts with:DescriptionFunction
SP_1151 ExonucleaseReplication
SP_0437 Glutamyl-tRNA(Gln) amidotransferaseTranslation
SP_1247 Chromosome segregation proteinCell cycle
SP_1875 Segregation and condensation protein BTranscription
SP_0701 Orotidine 5′-phosphate decarboxylaseNucleotide transport
SP_1907 ChaperoninPosttranslational modification
KinCSporulation kinase CSignal transduction
YdeLHTH-type transcriptional regulatorTranscription
YxaDHTH-type transcriptional regulatorTranscription
DegSSignal transduction histidine-protein kinase/phosphatasePosttranslational modification
YhcYSensor histidine kinaseSignal transduction
TlpAMethyl-accepting chemotaxis proteinInorganic ion transport
  • a A protein of unknown function interacts with 6 proteins in our primary Y2H data set (bold), but addition of meta-interactions from other species is required for indication of a role in transcription, signal transduction, and posttranslational modifications. Locus and protein names are from UniProt (46) and KEGG (47); annotations and functions are from EggNOG (24).