Comparison of detailed genomic features on the resistance to toxic compounds and heavy metals, oxidative stress, osmotic stress, and DNA repair in the bacterium Gsub genome and reference bacteria

Gene category and annotationaNo. of genes in the following bacterium with the indicated genes:
Resistance to toxic compounds and heavy metals
    Copper homeostasis2333457
    Multidrug resistance efflux pumps333261111
    Cobalt-zinc-cadmium resistance111432125
    Resistance to fluoroquinolones4444444
    Copper tolerance1112242
    Zinc resistance0000020
    Multidrug resistance, tripartite systems0000100
    Multidrug efflux pump (CmeABC operon)0000002
    Methicillin resistance2111211
    Arsenic resistance1110071
Oxidative stress
    Glutathione: biosynthesis and gamma-glutamyl cycle3235435
    Redox-dependent regulation of nucleus processes0013442
        Nonredox reactions1215734
        Redox cycle3333162
Osmotic stress
    Betaine biosynthesis from glycine0000020
    Ectoine biosynthesis and regulation0000005
    Choline and betaine uptake000101434
DNA repair
    MutL-MutS system0002232
    Bacterial DNA repair107416151812
    RecFOR pathway5116876
    Base excision7667685
    UvrABC system3313344
    UvrD and related helicases3122323
    DinG and relatives1111011
    2-Phosphoglycolate salvage2212233
  • a Genes were annotated using the SEED database.