Base modification summary table

MotifaMTase ORFbNo. of motifs
in genomec
No. of motifs
% modifiedcType/subtypedCoveragee
CAGAGBFF41_177606,6076,57699.5III beta82.9
ATGCATBFF41_0269577624837.7//37.7II beta88.8
ACYN6GTTC BFF41_00175797//797793//79699.5//99.9I gamma80.6
CGCAN8TCNGf BFF41_20045849//849847//83899.8//98.7I gamma82.3
GAAN7RTACfBFF41_210251,036//1,0361,019//1,03098.4//99.4I gamma82.0
  • a Modified adenine bases are shown in bold type; cognate bases are shown in bold font.

  • b Motifs are assigned to their respective putative methylases (methylase [MTase] ORFs).

  • c Numbers separated by double slashes indicate the values for motifs detected on the positive and negative strand shown before and after the double slashes, respectively, if known.

  • d The type and subtype refer to the class of methylase.

  • e Coverage indicates the depth of sequence at the minimum quality threshold set in the protocol.

  • f Motifs determined to be unique to S. Senftenberg ATCC 43845, as determined by REBASE.

  • g The GATC motif cannot be assigned unambiguously, but BFF41_02205 was assigned as the most likely candidate.