Marker gene sequencing MCs currently available in mockrobiota

Data setTarget regionaRead length (nucleotides)MethodSample count(s)bStrain countOriginal citation
Mock-116S100HiSeq1 E485
Mock-216S150MiSeq1 E485
Mock-316S250MiSeq2 E, 2 S225
Mock-416S150MiSeq2 E, 2 S225
Mock-516S250MiSeq2 E, 2 S2214
Mock-616S100GAIIx3 E676
Mock-716S100HiSeq3 E6721
Mock-816S100HiSeq3 E6714
Mock-9ITS100HiSeq3 E1614
Mock-10ITS100HiSeq3 E1614
Mock-1118S90HiSeq1 E125
  • a Marker gene sequence target. 16S, 16S rRNA gene; ITS, internal transcribed spacer; 18S, 18S rRNA gene.

  • b Number of MC samples contained in MC data set. E, samples with even abundance ratios among strains; S, samples with staggered (uneven) abundance ratios.