Comparison of new gene set and original onea

New versus old gene predictionGene count in complete genomeGene count in secretome only
With GPI Without GPI
Matched2,66247 (13)2 (2)155 (55)0
Alternative1,24619 (6)049 (19)1
Different2,75231 (6)183 (19)10 (4)
Merged2865 (2)07 (2)1
Split761 (1)05 (2)0
New3836034 (8)0
Total7,405109 (28)3 (2)333 (105)12 (4)
  • a Matched, identical old and new gene annotations; alternative, conserved start and stop codons but different splicing; different, different start or stop codons, possibly different splicing; merged, more than one old gene merged into a single new one; split, old gene split into several new ones; new, genes found only in the new predictions (708 original genes were lost); auto, gene annotations as produced by Augustus; manual, manual correction of the start codon. The number of genes whose products were confirmed by mass spectrometry in culture supernatants is given in parentheses. GPI, glycosylphosphatidylinositol.