Effect of sulfur limitation on gene expression in stationary phasea

Locus tagGeneDescription of productFold change (S-limited/control) in expression ofb:
SAR11_0007hflCIntegral membrane proteinase0.201.34
SAR11_01732-Hydroxy-6-oxo-2,4-heptadienoate hydrolase0.641/∞
SAR11_0287ccmCHeme exporter membrane protein4.74ND
SAR11_0399RbrRubrerythrin; peroxidase0.172.24
SAR11_0756aldAAcetaldehyde dehydrogenase0.230.63
SAR11_0864Hypothetical protein0.220.62
SAR11_0865Mannitol/chloroaromatic compound transport0.19
SAR11_1163Hypothetical protein4.69ND
SAR11_1164Hypothetical protein7.67ND
SAR11_1172cosmCOrganic hydroperoxidase0.230.21
SAR11_1274cspLCold shock DNA-binding protein0.181.27
SAR11_1302opuACGlycine betaine ABC transporter: periplasmic0.220.62
SAR11_1305glnTGlutamine synthetase0.190.78
SAR11_1361livJ2Leu/Ile/Val-binding transport system0.23
  • a All 15 genes with fourfold or greater differences in mRNA or protein expression between sulfur-limited stationary-phase (n = 5) and control stationary-phase (n = 4) cultures are listed.

  • b Values greater than 1 indicate higher abundance in sulfur-limited condition. Differences in expression unsupported by a P value of 0.05 or less are omitted. Boldface indicates values that were significantly different (P ≤ 0.05) after correcting for multiple comparisons. ND, not detected by mass spectrometry at any time point, potentially due to methodological limitations on extracting insoluble proteins, such as those localized to the membrane; 1/∞, observed in sulfur-limited stationary samples but not detected in control stationary samples.

  • c Downstream from a SAM-V riboswitch.