Comparison of differentially expressed mRNAs and proteins among all conditionsa

Locus tag%SbGeneDescriptionFold change in expression under indicated condition ofc:
SAR11_01813.7ibpAHeat shock protein3.693.747.63
SAR11_02541.3trmDtRNA methyltransferase0.510.440.15
SAR11_02592.7Hypothetical protein7.38NDNDND
SAR11_02873.0ccmCHeme exporter membrane protein10.352.18NDNDND
SAR11_06413.7recARecombination protein7.313.112.65
SAR11_0750d2.6mmuMHomocysteine S-methyltransferase6.081.735.222.89
SAR11_1030d2.0metYO-Acetyl homoserine (thiol)-lyase7.146.379.782.241.813.19
SAR11_10403.7hppAProton-translocating pyrophosphatase0.120.27
SAR11_10933.8rpoADNA-directed RNA polymerase0.130.421.151.21
SAR11_11022.2rplFRibosomal protein L60.160.26
SAR11_11045.0rpsNRibosomal protein S140.170.29
SAR11_11223.5rpoCDNA-directed RNA polymerase0.110.26
SAR11_11297.9Hypothetical protein0.160.60NDNDND
SAR11_11303.8tufBTranslation elongation factor EF-Tu0.160.62
SAR11_11637.2Hypothetical protein6.11NDNDND
SAR11_11642.1Hypothetical protein11.13NDNDND
SAR11_1172d1.6osmCOrganic hydroperoxidase50.049.5640.724.4810.422.16
SAR11_1173d7.1bhmTBetaine-homocysteine S-methyltransferase33.778.9129.193.586.20
SAR11_12642.1metFMethylenetetrahydrofolate reductase0.200.121.381.46
SAR11_12742.9cspLCold shock DNA-binding protein0.070.391.580.78
  • a All 23 genes with significant differences (sixfold change and differential expression supported by a P value of less than or equal to 0.05) in mRNA or protein expression between control exponential-phase growth (n = 4) and any other condition are listed.

  • b %S, percentage of sulfur-containing amino acids.

  • c Values indicate the fold change in expression relative to the expression during control exponential-phase growth. Values are only displayed if the difference in expression is supported by a P value of ≤0.05 and are in boldface when the significance level is ≤0.05 after correcting for multiple comparisons. LE, sulfur-limited exponential phase; LS, sulfur-limited stationary phase; CS, control stationary phase; ND, not detected by mass spectrometry at any time point, potentially due to methodological limitations on extracting insoluble proteins, such as those localized to the membrane.

  • d Downstream from a SAM-V riboswitch.