Mixed model results for diatomsa

DisturbanceEstimated effectP value
Intercept (AA)1.251NAb
T1: D−0.1560.0330*
T1: S−0.1550.0343*
T2: D−0.2300.0016**
T2: S−0.1580.0307*
T1: D × T2: D0.2070.0458*
T1: S × T2: D0.1020.3220
T1: D × T2: S0.1090.2899
T1: S × T2: S0.2170.0363*
Random effect
  • a Results of the linear mixed model using disturbances at T1 and T2 as predictors of the taxon-level variability (as given by the square root of the taxon CVs) of diatom communities from the nine experimental treatments. Disturbance effect estimates are given in comparison to the undisturbed treatment, AA, which is why there is no P value estimate for the AA treatment. Each of the single disturbances at T1 and T2 significantly reduced the average taxon square root CV. There were significant positive interactions for communities that received the same disturbance at T1 and T2, corresponding to the DD and SS treatments. No P value was calculated for the random effect, because we were not interested in testing how much variability was explained by differences between taxa. *, P < 0.05; **, P < 0.01.

  • b NA, not applicable.