Exchange reaction constraints representing the concentrations of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorus sources in the minimal medium of WP3 batch culturesa

NutrientSourceConcnFlux bound of exchange reaction
CarbonGlucose, maltose, GlcNac, or pyruvate2 mM−2.001,000.00
5 mM−5.001,000.00
10 mM−10.001,000.00
20 mM−20.001,000.00
40 mM−40.001,000.00
SulfurSO49.8 mM−9.801,000.00
PhosphorusPO40.7 mM−0.701,000.00
NitrogenNH45.6 mM−5.601,000.00
  • a All other exchange reactions in the WP3 model were defined with settings in the basal constraints. The compounds pyruvate, glucose, maltose, and GlcNac were used as sole carbon sources. The lower and upper bounds of exchange reaction fluxes are shown; negative values indicate that uptake of the nutrient was permitted. The concentrations of the sole carbon sources varied from 2 mM to 40 mM; the concentrations of the sulfur, phosphorus, and nitrogen sources were set according to their concentration in the experimental medium.