Metabolic enzymes involved in ATP production and PMF generation, with their corresponding reactions, functional roles, and gene associations in the WP3 modela

EnzymeReaction identifier(s)FunctionGene association(s)
AckAACKrAcetate kinaseswp_1949
ATPaseATPS4rATP synthaseswp_5155 AND swp_5156 AND swp_5157 AND swp_5158 AND swp_5159 AND swp_5160 AND swp_5161
PykPYKPyruvate kinaseswp_2388
PflPFLFormate C-acetyltransferaseswp_1952
XpkXPKXylulose-5-phosphate phosphoketolaseswp_3738
NdhNADH4, NADH12, NADH14NADH dehydrogenaseswp_1298 OR swp_2117 OR swp_4014
FdhFDH9, FDH10Formate dehydrogenase(swp_5024 AND swp_5025 AND swp_5023) OR (swp_5027 AND swp_5028 AND swp_5029)
  • a A schematic of key reactions and comparisons of biomass and reaction fluxes is shown in Fig. 4.